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Quality seeds directly to your home

Since 1820 the N. Sgaravatti & C. S.p.A.'s mission is to produce and pack quality seeds. Since then, everyday, we operate to meet the needs and the desires of the costumers, to offer him only the best of varieties and of the products intended for hobby.

Over the decades the market has changed and, with it, also the final consumer habits have evolved, progressing faster and faster towards the modern innovation and the technological progress. Sgaravattisementi.it was born just to meet the new needs of the cultivate lovers and give them the opportunity to buy directly online the complete catalog of N. Sgaravatti & C. S.p.A. seeds and of the products for the plants care. The seeds offered in e-commerce are very high quality, able to give generous harvests of delicious vegetables or fragrant and colorful flowers. 

Discover the large range of seeds and products for sale online: for vegetables garden,for legumes, organic, for aromatic, for flowers, feeds and plants care. Start here to cultivate your vegetable garden and your garden: the first step to transform in a real success your passion for gardening.

Do you want to know all about the cultivation of your Vegetable Garden and your Garden? In this section, you will find many valuable tips to transform your green space: practically you do not need nothing more to start... and to collect a lot of satisfaction!
Download practice guides
The Vegetable Garden and the Garden cultivation requires some specialized knowledge and essential basics. In this section you will find a series of practical FREE guides, to take always with you and to hand the advice of our experts.
The Expert answers
Do you have a question or a doubt about the cultivation of your green space and about the proper use of the proposed species in our catalog? Get free advice and the opinion of our Experts on the subject you prefer.