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Download General Catalogue Sgaravatti

Download General Catalogue Sgaravatti in his new edition, dedicated to seeds for lawn and garden.

Introducing the catalogue's new version, the company N. Sgaravatti & C. Sementi Spa is aware of representing here only a summary of the wide and diversified range of its products, for both professional use and hobby.

The book, which contains the descriptive sheets of the main varieties produced for the next sowing campaign, is organically structured in 11 sezioni:

  1. Vegetables;
  2. Legumes;
  3. Herbs;
  4. Flowers;
  5. Turfs;
  6. Forage;
  7. Rosebushes;
  8. Shrubs;
  9. Fruit trees;
  10. Spring bulbs e Autumn bulbs;
  11. Plant care.

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