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Asparagus roots

The roots necessary to realize an asparagus cultivation are planted in late autumn (where the climate permits) or in spring (February / March).
The roots can be produced on their own (in seedbed from seed) or buy them already formed.
Acquired or produced on their own, generally at the age of 1 year, the roots undergo the transplantation that is done from November to March. You have to arrange the roots in holes distant 50 cm, deep 35/40 cm and wide 30/40 cm, laying them on a pad of mature manure (100/200 kg per 100 m2), covered with 2 or 3 cm of potting soil and peat and trying to keep the roots open and oriented downward. After planting, level the holes with the addition of 5/10 inches of soil.
In the second year you add other 15/20 cm of soil with mature manure (100/200 kg per 100 m2) and you can already pick up the first shoots (asparagus).
The third year you completely cover the hole with soil and mature manure, which will be repeated every year of asparagus cultivation.

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