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Bulb dibber

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Alpack: 11x16 cm size envelope. It contains a quantity of seeds sufficient to product a crop for average household consumer.

Unipack: 13x20 cm size envelope. It contains a quantity of seeds sufficient to product a crop for big household consumer.

Goldpack: 13x20 cm size envelope. It contains ibrids seeds, obtained by cross of two species or different varieties. From ibrids seeds were born plants more resistent to diseases and with a productive performance more than traditional seeds's one.

BIO Envelopes: 13x20 cm size envelope. It contains seed biologically cultivated. It contains a seeds quantity sufficient to product a crop for an average household consumer.

It’s My Garden: 13x20 cm size enveloope. It contains a special selection of flowers seeds, sorted by colour.


They include special bags, like sacks, jars, boxes and the weight of their content is specificated (50 gr, 100 gr, 250 gr, etc.)

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The standard bulb dibber is the ideal solution to dig soil and plant your bulbs.

You can use it to plant seed, bulbs and small plants, making fastly holes in the ground and without preading energies. It's practical and light, in order to allow you a funny and easy gardening.

It looks like very compact and small in its dimensions, to work without any difficulty. The special shape of handle allows you to have a soft handle and to operate no stress, providing a solid handle.

This bulb dibber is a garden tool, essential for all who love playing the role of a gardener and cultivating do-it-yourself your flower bulbs and planting your favourite species.

Dimensions: 24 cm length; 13 cm handle width, 6,5 diameter.
Material: metal with wooden handle.