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Watermelon Crimson Giant

Watermelon Crimson Giant

Botanical Name: Citrullus lanatus

The product Watermelon Crimson Giant has ANG008 code

Things to know about:

Packages available: sachets goldpack

N. seeds x g: 25

Maturity in days: 80-90

Earliness: Mid early

Notes: Adatta ai trasporti

Seeds in g/100 m² under coltivation x direct sowing: 35

Seeds in g/100 m² under coltivation x trasplanting: 15

Depth for sowing in cm: 2

Distances between and in line in cm: 150x150


Ibrido F1 della tipologia crimson sweet del peso di 10/12 Kg. Frutto verde con striature scure, polpa rossa molto zuccherina. Varietà adatta ai trasporti.