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Professional line lawn grass mixtures

These mixtures, as well as formed by species with a high score in the assessment of priority characters which we must follow in their formulation, are composed by high specific and varietal purity varieties, resistant to diseases, but above all have those features essential for the use they are designed. Even if you do not fully centre the most suitable formulation, the lawn will be able to find of itself the natural balance, rewarding the most suitable species to the climatic conditions of the place and to the function which the turf is appointed. The important thing is to work with certified high grade seed.

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Lawn Grass Ombreggiato
as from that 17.33 €
Lawn Grass Ornamentale
as from that 16.23 €
Lawn Grass Rustico
as from that 15.27 €
Lawn Grass Soleggiato
as from that 15.40 €
Lawn Grass Sportivo
as from that 16.50 €
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