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Standard lawn grass mixtures

These are common or recreational or sports mixtures, designed for family gardens, residential areas and public and sports parks more or less walkable, where appearance is important, but not decisive. The main characters of this category of mixtures are in fact the easy installation, good wear resistance and cheaper maintenance.

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Lawn Grass Belvedere
as from that 6.04 €
Lawn Grass Coverciano
as from that 6.86 €
Lawn Grass Evergreen
as from that 6.86 €
Lawn Grass Ray Grass
as from that 5.35 €
Lawn Grass Le Cascine
as from that 6.72 €
Lawn Grass Pratomagno
as from that 5.90 €
Lawn Grass Renovator Mix
as from that 6.11 €
Lawn Grass Villa Medici
as from that 1.74 €
Lawn Grass Terreni Asciutti
as from that 7.69 €