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Single species

How you are selected species? It is drawing on grass seeds and in particular forage, that are selected those species usable for the development of a turf.
With a meticulous work of research and testing, which aims to strengthen in each specie those specific characters better suited to the development of the turf, have been selected, in recent years, varieties with characteristics particularly suitable to the purpose. The determination of the value of a "variety for turf" is based on the evaluation of the following fundamental characteristics:

  • overall look: it gives an appreciation of uniformity of coverage;
  • thinness of the leaf: it refers to the width of the leaf;
  • colour of the leaf: with reference to the intensity of green colour in the spring;
  • density of the turf: indicates the status of coverage in the year following to sowing;
  • trampling and wear resistance;
  • disease resistance (red thread, Blight, Helmintosporiosi, Fusarium)
  • summery look: the capacity to maintain green colour under summer heat;
  • winter look: the capacity to maintain green colour to the winter frost;
  • ease of adaptation: indicates the speed of settlement;
  • perpetuity: the persistence of coverage over time.