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Chicory Frastagliata


The product Chicory Frastagliata has CIC021 code

Things to know about:

Packages available: tins 500g, sachets alpack, sachets europack 50g, sachets unipack

Harvest: Autunno - Inverno

Sowing: Primavera - Estate

Plant type: Cespo eretto

Growing Cycle in days: 90

N. seeds x g: 700

Leaf: Lunga, frastagliata

Leaf colour: Verde intenso, costa bianca

Seeds in g/100 m² under coltivation x direct sowing: 30/50-300

Seeds in g/100 m² under coltivation x trasplanting: 8

Depth for sowing in cm: 1

Distances between and in line in cm: 40x25


Chicory Frastagliata is rich in minerals, has refreshing, purifying, diuretic properties and is recommended as a stimulant of the stomach and intestine and for liver disorders. The roasted roots are a good coffee substitute for those to whom it is not permitted the use of caffeine.