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What type of grass I have to choose if I have area with sun and shadow?

On 09/30/2016, Angjel from Negotino, Macedonia asks:

I want to plant this type of grass (Prato Verde), but I have area with sun and shadow, on the sun we have very height temperatures (over 40 degrees). Sow my question is what type of grass to buy.

On 10/21/2016, Esperto answers:

Dear Mrs. Angel,
thank you for your question.

Following your request we think that you have to focus your attention on the high temperature over 40 C°. In this case the
shadow during the day should be an aid for your turf grass.
For this reason, we suggest to use our mixture RUSTICO of the PROFESSIONAL LINE.
In our gamma of turf mixture this is the best for dry condition and high temperature.

Thank you againg for your email.
Best Regards

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